2014 report

Annual Report for 2014

English, then Chinese (先英语,后中文)

Humanitarian China (HC) was incorporated on February 8th, 2007 to the State of California, USA. On October 30, 2007, the U.S. IRS determined that HC is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, and is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.

Our mission:

With very limited resources, we work primarily to provide humanitarian support in China. We also help the development of a civil society in China to promote rule-of-law, human rights, and freedom of expressions. We focus on grass-root movements and people who are neglected by the outside world. We work on a case-by-case basis, where each member may have specific cases to support victims directly and independently.

We sincerely invite you to participate with us to this great cause in the history of China.


Summary Report
Activities in 2014

Dear Friend,

Humanitarian China greatly appreciate your support. In this holiday season, we’d like to express our sincere wish for you and your family happy holidays.

2014 is the year of human rights disaster in China, Chinese authority systematically detain citizens and human rights activists. Therefore, the duty of Humanitarian China is important.

1, Consistently help victims of human rights abuse in China
As of today, over 90 people have received financial aid from Humanitarian China in 2014, as of today, 93 to be exact, and it’s still growing.

2, Donation drive for Ilham Tohti
On September 22nd, HC started donation drive for Ilham Tohti, private donation has reached over $5,000, with HC’s matching, total donation is over $10,000, $10,429.63 to be exact, to his family.

3, Supporting Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
HC has actively participated actions in supporting Hong Kong students and citizens both in San Francisco Bay Area and in Hong Kong. Some our Board members travelled to Hong Kong on their own expense.

4, Amazon Smile
HC registered with Amazon Smile, thus receives 0.5% donation from Amazon Smile. Using this link to buy from Amazon, same price, Amazon will donate to HC. (We need to let people know about this)

5, Benevity Causes
HC now is Benevity Causes certified (http://www.benevity.com/), thus employees of corporations can donate through Benevity Causes, and often these corporations provide matching fund, such as Google. (We need to let people know about this)

6, Private donation
HC highly appreciate our donors, HC can deliver their contributions to people in need. HC is a US IRS 501(c)3 NGO, all our staffs are unpaid volunteers, HC has no administrative cost, will issue tax exempt receipt to our donors.

Please see HC donation page. https://h-china.org/donation/

7, Holiday Greeting Card signing events
HC has been organizing greeting card signing event for many years in San Francisco Bay Area. Now, our Board members have brought to East Coast of United States. Namely, Boston and Washington DC areas. These cards to prisoners of consciousness have helped them to get better treatment.

8, Networking.

HC is working very hard with other organizations globally. And contacting Mr. Sun Liyong (in Australia) and Ms. Sheng Xue (in Canada), so that rescue operation can be more effective. We welcome any NGO perform this kind of rescue operation to contact us.

Thank you, All, especially, our donors! and Happy New Year!

George Ge, President, Humanitarian China





年初至今,“人道中国”对国内人士的帮助已经超过 90 位,还在继续生长。

2,发起为 伊力哈木 的专项捐款
2014 年9月22日,“人道中国”发起为 伊力哈木 的专项捐款。目前,个人捐款额超过 5 千美元,“人道中国”匹配捐款 5 千美元,总额 1 万多美元将送至他家人。目前转交 $10,429.63。


“人道中国”是亚马逊微笑注册会员,如果您在亚马逊购物,请使用下面亚马逊微笑的链接。购物价钱不变,亚马逊将捐出 0.5% 给“人道中国”做慈善事业。

“人道中国”已经被“惠动”慈善认证 (http://www.benevity.com/)。大公司的工作人员可以通过“惠动”慈善为“人道中国”捐款,常常这些大公司都有匹配捐助,比如谷歌。


请查看“人道中国”捐献链接: https://h-china.org/donation/


8, 相互连接,相互支持。
“人道中国”和澳大利亚的孙立勇先生和加拿大的盛雪女士建立了沟通平台。 会尽快把人道援助送去。我们欢迎任何人和我们联系救助中国良心犯。


葛洵,人道中国 主席


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