Humanitarian China: A public appeal for humanitarian donation for Ilham Tohti


We are extremely shocked to learn that a moderate and rational Uighur academic, Ilham Tohti, had been sentenced to life imprisonment and confiscation of all personal property on September 23 on charges of “separatism”. We strongly protest such political persecution.

As a response to the urge of netizens, we launch a donation campaign for Ilham Tohti and ask for public support.

For the first round of donation, Humanitarian China will do 1-to-1 match to individual donation up to $5,000 total before October 12, 2014. (The first round of donation drive will end as of October 12,2014 or to the $5,000 match of the donation. Then, the second round will start.)

Donation methods:
Please visit and note “for Ilham”.

Operation details:
1. Donor list will not be disclosed.
2. Campaign accounting will be published periodically on and
3. The donation will be distributed to Tohti’s family periodically.
4. According to regulations of IRS of the United States, Humanitarian China will issue formal donation receipts to donors with the corresponding contact information.

George Ge
President, Humanitarian China

Ilham Tohti: My Ideals and the Career Path I Have Chosen


Last updated: 2014-09-23 10:58 PM