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Donation Status Report

As of September 6, Humanitarian China had received 29 donations. The total is USD $9465.38. We would like to thank all for the generous support. With 1-to-1 matching from Humanitarian China, this donation campaign has reached $18930.76.

Moreover, Liu Xiaodong had delivered the baby daughter on August 22, who is the second child of Liu and Zhao Changqing. Both mother and daughter are healthy and doing fine. Liu Xiaodong would like to thank everyone for the concern and assistance.




1. 人道中國承诺:以一比一配比的方式,为刘晓冬专项募款。即爱心人士为其捐款多少,人道中国也将以一比一配比的方式,捐助刘晓冬女士;
2. 人道中國為捐款人提供收據,作為在美國報稅時的免稅憑證。
3. 人道中國定期公佈此人道专项募款的实时狀況。
4. 此项人道援助专项募款只用于赵常青妻儿的一应在美开支。
5. 此项人道援助专项募款时间从现在开始,到2017年7月20日截止。

人道中國是設於美國加州舊金山灣區的非盈利組織,由八九民運在北京和海外的参加者於2007年創建,同年獲得美國國稅局認證免稅資格(US IRS 501(c)3) 。



請在捐款時註明: 刘晓冬(Liu Xiaodong)


Humanitarian China: a Call for Contributions to Help Dissident Zhao Changqing’s Wife and Children

Mr. Zhao Changqing (赵常青) was a Tiananmen student leader of the Federation of Students from Colleges Outside Beijing in 1989. He has been imprisoned five times for total over 10 years, and is one of the most determined and admired human rights defenders in China. Through courage and endurance, he is among those who have carried on the torch of freedom in China that was ignited in 1989. His pregnant wife Liu Xiaodong (刘晓冬)and their four-year-old son Xiaoxiang escaped to Thailand a couple of months ago; with help from several parties, the mother and son arrived in San Francisco recently. We are immensely pleased to welcome her to safety and to the caring friendship in the United States, but humanitarian relief for the mother and children is only just beginning.

Liu Xiaodong is going to give birth in August, and she needs long-term assistance with housing, caring for her children, healthcare, transportation, daily expenses, and translation. As such, Humanitarian China initiates this special-purpose fundraising program for Liu Xiaodong, making an earnest appeal to all compassionate people to lend support to Zhao Changqing’s wife, son, and the soon-to-be-born baby:

1) Humanitarian China guarantees to fund-match: whatever is donated to the Liu Xiaodong fund, we’ll contribute the same amount.
2) Humanitarian China will provide receipts to donors for tax deduction;
3) Humanitarian China will provide updates about the progress of the fundraising drive;
4) The donations raised in this relief effort will be used only to support expenses of Zhao Changqing’s wife and children in the United States;
5) The fundraising drive starts now, and will conclude on July 20, 2017.

Humanitarian China is a non-profit organization based in the Bay Area, California. It was founded in 2007 by activists who participated in the 1989 democracy movement in Beijing and overseas, and in the same year was granted tax-exempt status in the United States as a 501(c)3 organization.

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When giving, please note that your donation is to Liu Xiaodong.

Humanitarian China
July 24, 2016



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