Public Appeal

Public Appeal

Donation Drive for Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster Victims in Japan

On March 11, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit Japan. It followed by Tsunami with waves up  to 10 meters. The disasters caused thousands of death and extensive amount of material damage. Ten of thousands of people are still missing. The subsequent nuclear plant accidents are not yet under control.

Facing disasters with such magnitude, Humanitarian China appeals to all to provide humanitarian aid to those affected in Japan. We will channel the donation through a local NGO in Japan. Click here to find out how to send the donation. Please specify “Japan Earthquake Relief” in your donation.

Update : Click here for the receipt from NGO in Japan.


Christmas Card Signing for Political Prisoners in China

Welcome to organize your own campaign to send cards to the prisoners and families in these lists: current prisoners, newly released and families. The address labels (30 addresses/page, Avery Template 5160 compatible) of the combined lists are here. If you have updated information regarding these lists, please contact us at


Humanitarian China Education Grants open for application

Many children of victims of social, political and religious prosecution in China have reached the age for college education. But their families cannot afford the expensive tuition. The HC board of directors decided to set up Humanitarian China Education Grants to help the children of these victims to complete their college level education.

The number of students to receive the grants is 3-5 each year. The amount of grants is RMB 5,000 yuan per person per year. After receiving a grant, a qualified student can apply again for another grant for the next school year until his/her graduation.

The grants are now open for application for 2010/2011 school year. Please refer to Guidelines of Humanitarian China Education Grants for details including requirements and application process.

The recipients of the grants will be announced at


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